Mind Retirement Institute

We Motivate Individuals To Discover Their Transformational Lives.

Mind Retirement Institute creates an enabling environment by providing health and wellness, Leadership and Personal development programmes, Capacity building training, and Coaching for individuals, professionals, entrepreneurs, and organizations.

Our three Key Service Offerings

Leadership Courses & Development

✓ A chemistry setting to discuss expectations and objectives.

✓ Meetings with key stakeholders to discuss impressions and areas for development.

✓ Psychometric Profiling to get insights on personality, leadership styles, and possible derailing traits.

✓ Regular face-to-face or video-conference meetings for confidential coaching.


Wellness Programmes & Retreats

Wellness programmes for corporates and individuals that offer rare and special value for individuals, leaders, and entrepreneurs who seek healthy refuge from fast-paced lifestyles and take time off to reflect while they work on their personal development plans.



Group or one on one life, business, or executive coaching.

Coaching leads to better engagement, higher productivity, and enhanced customer service. It also helps an employee improve performance, overcome challenges, reach aspirational goals, and build self-confidence.


About the Founder

Puseletso Modimogale MD, Coach

Her purpose is to help people excavate what is holding them back by unleashing their potential and igniting their self-awareness for them to develop themselves into becoming the best versions of themselves and to prioritize their well-being.
Mrs. Puseletso Modimogale has over 29yrs of experience in the health and wellness and business sector. She has worked as a consultant in employee wellness initiatives, Youth Development projects, and the SME development sector. She consulted with various companies such as Transnet, SAICA, Allan Gray, SEDA, Fernridge, etc.
Puseletso has a degree in somatology, which is the study of skin, health, and human psychology, specializing in stress and relaxation therapy and mental health. She is an experienced and qualified coach through Transformation Coaching Academy and Executive Coaching with UCT.

She is an African Entrepreneur of the year in the CWENA Lifetime Achievement in Entrepreneurship Award 2021

We have Collaborated Across South Africa with Leading Companies & Associations

Wellness Retreat

3-5 day Retreats

At these relaxing and empowering retreats, we offer coaching, good nutrition, yoga, alternative therapy, and hiking alongside our personal/leadership/entrepreneurship development programme.

Benefits Offered by Wellness Retreat

  • Decompress and Release Stress
  • Break Old Habits
  • Teach your mind to relax
  • Raise self-awareness through coaching
  • Do personal development plans
  • Change from routine

Some Genuine Words From My Clients

People - employees, students, educators, life coaches - are limited in presenting information.

As the world becomes increasingly mobile, so should the different ways we can make engaging, powerful presentations.


A strong engineering foundation is critical as we make a presentation platform accessible on all devices.

Just imagine the ease of creating and sharing a presentation from any device. A goal this massive requires robust backend support.


With mobile flexibility, we can expect to grow our users by 200%.

At present, 85% of our users rely on desktop wish to make and show presentations using their devices.

Rita Beck

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